Steve Forde and friend Kawliga

Steve Forde and The Flange

A couple of years after high school, Steve pursued his dream of Rodeo and Country Music in the USA. At the beginning of '98 Steve and his buddy Matt hit the shores of America. The two spent their time traveling from town to town in their '65 Dodge Polara (which they purchased for $350 in Lewisville TX) doing Rodeos and of course playing in bars from one end of the country to the other.

Steve returned from the States and headed home to the family farm at Grenfell NSW. After spending a while working the farm, he realized this was the place for him. Steve brought his own 1800 acres just out of Grenfell and spent his spare time writing songs of his experiences, and Rodeoing every weekend at both APRA and ABCRA Rodeos.

Steve Forde and drummer Luke Henry After 12 months or so passed, Steve was itching to get another band together and ran into long time buddy and drummer, Luke Henry at Taralga Rodeo. They spoke of the thought of a band and both decided to embark on a new project. Other friends, Mick Manley and Nick Petrie were interested in the project and so The Flange was born.

After a few line up changes including Jimmy Bunter, Michael Craig and Roy Allen, all of whom were an integral part of getting The Flange to the level of success it enjoys today. Luke Richmond was decided on for bass guitar and the strong line up of Steve Forde, Mick Manley, Luke Henry and Luke Richmond is the way we see The Flange today.

Luke Richmond, Bass PlayerMick Manley, Lead Guitarist
Luke Richmond, Bass Player and Mick Manley, Lead Guitarist

These photos were taken at the famous Bourbon & Beefsteak Bar in Kings Cross which hosted Steve Forde & The Flange's World Record attempt with all proceeds going to a special Drought Appeal to be distributed by Australian Red Cross on a National basis. Newsflash...October 4th... a new world record...
Steve Forde and The Flange played for 26 hours straight!

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