Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton
of Aerosmith

"When I get back to my room after a gig, I turn on my computer and pick up this Alan Tomkins bass I absolutely love, and I play for a little while to wind down. "

Australian luthier Allan Tomkins describes the bass he built for Tom Hamilton:
"Tomís Tomkins Kimberley 1 is made from exotic Tasmanian Huon pine, slightly arched with binding and purflings. The hand-tooled leather pickguard is recessed into the body. The pickups are Velvet Hammer but Iím sending Tom some Nordstrand pickups, which Iím now using in all my instruments. The neck is hard-rock maple, fitted with a full floating trussrod under the hard-rock maple fingerboard. The neck is finished with orange tinted nitrocellulose lacquer and the body is natural in color and finished with clear nitrocellulose lacquer. The tuners are Hipshot Ultralites and the bridge is a Schaller roller, both in chrome finish."

As told to Bass Player magazine
April 2006
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Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton
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Tomkins Kimberly 1 bass!
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