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'The Sydney 2003 Showcase Concerts'

October 16th 2003 at Canterbury Country...
which starred Rob Wilson, Alby Pool, Dwayne Elix and The Engineers, Allan Caswell, Briana Lee, Debra Dicembre, Jeremy Barnes, Gary Brown, Tall Timbre with Jake Lardot, Peta Caswell, Travis Collins, a special appearance by the baileys and a surprise appearance by the Craigs In Stereo - Craig Giles and Craig Byrne.

Above: the baileys on stage. Thanks to Terry Phillpot (Eyeball Photographics) for the photos above.

Above, L to R: Briana Lee, Crystal Bailey, Charlene Bailey and Peta Caswell.

Above, L to R: Rob Wilson, Dave Cook, Dwayne Elix, Alby Pool and Jake Lardot.

23rd October 2003 at Rooty Hill Country...
which starred Rob Wilson, Dwayne Elix and the Engineers, Debra Dicembre, Allan Caswell, Steve Forde & The Flange, Travis Collins, Charley Boyter, Tall Timbre & Jake Lardot, Glen Bain, Eddie Low, Gary Brown, Jeremy Barnes, Bob Howe & Hillbilly Heaven.

Pictured below, L to R, standing: Allan Tomkins, Mick Manley (The Flange), Jeremy Barnes, Mark Kirk (Tall Timbre), Front row, L to R: Glen Bain, Steve Forde.

Pictured above, L to R, standing: Dwayne Elix, Bob Howe, Allan Caswell, Debra Dicembre, Steve Sullivan (the Engineers), Gary Brown, Front row, L to R: Luke Richmond and Mick Manley (The Flange), Travis Collins, Dave Cook(the Engineers).

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